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Moodle means Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment. It is a free software e-learning platform that is used by universities and schools all over the world.

Reflection #10 MM4: Online Interviews for Active Online Learning with Janet Salmons

Presented by Dr. Janet Salmons on June 7, 2014

I was not able to attend the presentation due to a conflict in schedules and did not connect with the presenter or attendees in this presentation. This reflection is one of a series of ten written reflections as a requirement for the certificate of completion for the Moodle for Beginners course.

The focus of the presentation was to define what e-interview projects are, why use them, and how to design them. They are defined as “a set of related individual or collaborative learning activities. This includes the designing, planning, and actual conducting of the online interviews.” The last piece in the project is to reflect on the findings as well as the experience of the interview.

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Reflection #9 How to Manage Your Courses with a Simply Beautiful Visual Library

Recorded presentation by Sylvia Guinan
Due to conflict in scheduling I was not able to attend the live presentation presented by Sylvia Guinan

Sylvia Guinan emphasizes the importance for a student to enter an attractive, user-friendly online environment especially regarding a beautiful visual library. She defines this as one that is minimalist and free from distracting animations that remind one of a Las Vegas strip. She introduced the attendees to a new interactive tool called Tackk that can create any kind of environment that you need. She thinks a lot in blended learning terms and finds this tool psychologically important. She discusses space and creativity, multi-media and the simple LMS Pyramid (Learning Management System). She invites us to create a multi-media library rich in imagery as a lead in to the talk. The digital library contains tools, books, imagination, and collaborative spaces.

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